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A Little About Me

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Hi! My name is Ashley and I am so happy that you are interested in boudoir photography!

The Personal Side

I've been married for 15 years to my husband, Blake, and we have two crazy kiddos that keep me on my toes. I love to read, shop, take fun trips with my family (especially Disney!), and play video games.

Photography Passion

My love for photography started when I was young and my dad worked at a photo processing lab. I would get to go into the darkroom and watch how they developed the film and I was instantly hooked. Later on, in high school, I took some photography classes where I learned the true ins and outs of the dark room. I found my love in hand-developing film, processing the pictures, and waiting to see what emerged. I did family, senior, and child portraits off and on for a while, but it just didn't pull at me.

About 6 years ago I stumbled onto boudoir photography. I would see the beautiful pictures, but it was hearing from boudoir clients about how empowering it was and how much it changed their self-confidence for the better that really hooked me. When I decided to pick up my camera again, I wanted nothing more than to give women that same feeling. I want to make women feel like they are boss ass bitches, no matter their shape or size!