Cancellation Policy
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Cancellation Policy

All sales are final, all payments made are non refundable. In the event that the Client decides to cancel their session, all monies paid for the Session Fee and all payments made for the Pre Session Payment Plan are forfeited and are not transferrable.

Should the client reschedule their session, the session fee and all pre session payments will be transferred to the new date as long as it falls within the same calendar year.

Payments will be processed either: once per month, twice per month, or weekly based on client requests. Payments are automatically drafted, a consent to authorize form must be signed.

We require 2 credit card numbers to keep on file for your payment plan, for instances when the initial card might be declined. You must notify us one week (7 days) in advance if you wish to have a new card added to your payment plan, the same goes for having one removed. You must keep a minimum of 2 cards on file at all time.

Should at any point you decide to cease payments on your order and cancel your session, any monies paid will be forfeited. Payments may not be used as studio credit or transferred to another session or another client. By opting to cancel, you are agreeing to receiving no product, digital or physical, and no images.

With Pre-Session Payment Plans we do not have late fees or penalties, however after 3 declined payments we will cancel your pre-session payment plan and you will be responsible to pay in full at you Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment. Payment plans are NOT offered after the session, so please plan appropriately.

Bonuses, if applicable, must be chosen a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of the session. Bonuses are only available for clients who are pre purchasing a collection, and are not applicable to clients who are purchasing from the a la carte menu.

Should a bonus item or service become unavailable for any reason, the client may choose a different bonus the day of the session.

The entire balance of the Pre-Session Payment plan must be spent at the Image Reveal & Ordering appointment. If the client does not spend the entire balance, the remaining funds will be forfeited. No refunds or credits will be offered on remaining funds.

The Image Reveal & Ordering appointment is your one opportunity to purchase your images.

Unpurchased images are deleted 30 days after ordering appointment, Purchased images are deleted 30 days after prints have been picked up. Once deleted, discarded images are not recoverable.

Should the client issue a charge back with their financial provider, the photographer will issue a claim with collections and legal action will be taken via small claims court.